August EP650 Wireless Headphones Review

Music lovers are always on the lookout for the newest and best products, and when it comes to finding the best set of headphones, this review will bring you the information about the August EP650. These Wireless Headphones are sold complete with the pair of headphones, a USB 2.0 Mini Cable, the headphones User Manual, and a one year limited warranty.


It is the best good choice for people who like to listen to their tunes while they work out in the gym, bike around the neighborhood, run around the block, take a walk, and hike in the woods or just about any type of activity. That’s because they have up to 30 feet of wireless connectivity and the Bluetooth feature makes it possible to do all these things without wires to get in the way and tangle you up. The Bluetooth 2.0 feature works with streaming audio from all compatible kinds of MP3 devices, tablet, laptop, desktop or smartphone devices.

It also has a comfortable design of the headphones where they sit behind the head and have easy to use controls that let the user change the volume, music tracks, or even use it to take a phone call. The music will actually pause when you take your call and you can start where you left off listening to it when the phone call is through.

also sweat proof, so it won’t get all grimy and smelly like some headphones do after a hard workout. and comes complete with a lithium ion battery that can be recharged and that offers as much as eight hours of usage. It is considered to be lightweight with a comfortable design that wraps around the user’s head.

It boast of stereo quality features. Crisp, clear, and groovy music on the go is the staple of this particular model. It is one of the finest choices if you are looking for a headset with great quality sound.

Moreover, it can stand up to about 16 hours of talk time. Not only that, the headphone’s speakers speakers are capable of response with a frequency that is hi-fi. You can also use it for wireless music streaming up to 14 hours.

august ep650 Comfort

Its main connectivity feature is with your mobile phone. If you are currently tuning in to the sounds on your playlist, you can still take incoming calls from your phone. There is no need to remove your headphone to answer the call. An automatic transfer feature is present in the August EP650. Of course, the song also stops at the same time to allow you to take the call. Connectivity with other Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as your computer, is also possible.

Its power charging is through a USB port in your computer, the mini USB port type. Sometimes, you would need AC adapters for charging via this port type. So, included in the kit is an AC adapter. If you want to play your songs from an MP3 player that is not Bluetooth-enabled, there is also a Bluetooth transmitter provided so that your MP3 player can be paired with your headphone.

For convenience, this model features a behind-the-head neckband. The design is both modern and simple. It is available in classic black on-the-neck band and ear speakers with blue or silver accents on the outer part of the speakers.

The button and controls are placed in the speaker cup. There are three buttons on the left side. One is for answering the call, one for playing and pausing the music, and one is for turning on or off the headphone. They are conveniently large for buttons. You could easily identify and press them with your hand.

It belongs to the circumaural-closed type of Bluetooth headphones. This technical term simply means that the headphones’ ear cups will enclose your ears, as in earmuffs. It is also a headband type of headset, which essentially means that it will hang over your head to keep it in place. Being circumaural, the design of the August EP650 is intended to supply passive noise reduction, and the unit does it superbly, too.

Despite enclosing your ears, the headset’s cups will hardly cause discomfort or fatigue, even if you use the Bluetooth headphones up to its maximum of 17 hours (approximately) play or talk time. The reason for this convenience is the well-designed and durable cushioning on both the ear cups and the headband.

Unlike most other Bluetooth headsets, it offers true multipoint capability. That means your Bluetooth headset is not limited to 2-device or 3-device simultaneous pairing. Instead, pair it with up to 8 other gadgets. With easy and accessible touch-sense function buttons on the headset, those devices are easy to operate and control. Though, the buttons can be somewhat confusing to a new user, they become almost second nature once you become familiar of their respective functions.

As for the sound, it produces crisp and clear sound along with deep bass. Audio quality is one of the things you’re paying for, so the EP650 won’t skimp on that. Nothing less than top-quality neodymium magnets are used in the ear cups. The microphone, on the other hand, produces a sound quality that is acceptable and more than enough for making voice calls.

august ep650 included

One of the distinctive highlights of this model is its replaceable battery. Apart from that, this model’s battery power can take you through about 17 hours of non-stop use. If you use this device for work, you should be able to end your work day and still have enough power to use your device for a few more hours.

The EP650 Bluetooth Headset indeed showcases a lot of wonderful features despite its ordinary-looking appearance. After all, Bluetooth headphones are not judged only by their exterior looks but also, and more importantly, by their sound quality and convenience to the user.

Solid ability to playback music

It is said to have the ability to play a full bass sound thanks to the 13 millimeter drivers from JLab, which are tuned perfectly for playing your favorite songs. It can also stream music from several popular apps, including Panda radio, iHeart radio, Spotify, Songza and others. All of this equals a great choice for a set of headphones that are superior to others in many ways.

The headphones are highly rated by online buyers at and received five stars, which is the best possible rating on that site. All in all, it is designed to please music lovers who want the ability to move around freely while they are doing their work outs or daily chores, be able to both listen to phone calls and music, and use the Bluetooth ability to connect to their music playing devices easily and smoothly.