Corsair Void Wireless Dolby 7.1 Gaming Headset Review

corsair void design

With so many products available for purchase, the Corsair Void headset is one of the many options you have as a gamer today. With this in mind, as is the case with any other product you purchase, the use of reviews can help guide you down the right path when you are ready to buy the new headset. So before making the investment, consider this review as a means to help you narrow down your options, and to decide if this is the right set for you as an online gamer.


The Corsair Void offer a wide range of features for the gamer who is looking for wire free mobility, and something which features surround sound audio quality. Some of the product features which make this a good option for the wireless gamer are:

1. 2.4 GHz wireless feed, giving up a freedom to roam for up to 40 feet from your gaming platform.

2. It features up to 16 hours of wireless gaming on a single charge, so you won’t have to worry about shutting down or wiring up when playing for extended periods of time.

3. Built in 50 mm drive produces loud audio, clear audio, and fully immersive audio gaming action.

4. It features RGB dynamic LED lighting. This allows you to fully customize your headset to play in the dark or in gaming competitions if you desire to do so.

5. Complete CUE software comes with your wireless headset, allowing you to link up to your Corsair keyboard, mouse, and other wireless peripherals you are playing with.

The ability to fully customize your gaming, immerse yourself in exceptional audio quality, and full range of motion for a broad 40 foot range, are a few of the distinguishing characteristics gamers are bound to appreciate with this headset. A long battery life is another nice feature for those who play for several hours on end, and don’t want to have to worry about losing audio connection during their game play.

 corsair void comfort

Pros of your headset

Of course you want to know the good and the bad prior to investing in a pair of wireless gaming headphones. Some of the positive features this product offers include: the long battery life. 16 hours is far superior to what most other headsets are going to offer for wireless connectivity via bluetooth while gaming. Advanced uni-directional voice command feature and noise cancelling mic allows you to play, speak to other gamers, and eliminate background or clutter noise from ruining your gaming enjoyment. It features a built in mic allowing you to connect with and to chat with other gamers are you are playing live action games.

The built in info-mic also gives you all stats you have to know, including the lighting, audio surround, and battery life, so you always know where you stand when you are playing with this wireless headset for several hours at a time. In addition to the ability to sync and choose the various colors on the gaming headset, you can also sync waves, audio cues, or other distinct features. This is ideal for the gamer who truly wishes to have a dynamic and unique gaming headset, and wishes to play in their own distinct manner when they are competing against others.

Cons for your wireless device

Every product has good and bad features you should consider prior to purchasing. So for those who want to know as much as possible, it is important to consider the bad aspects as well as the good, when the time comes for you to purchase your new wireless headset. The device does have padded foam over the headset; so although this is going to increase comfort, it does allow room for obsolete noise to enter, and for noise cancellation feature to be minimized if you are playing in an extremely noisy area.

The headset does feature sync features, however you can only sync with other Corsair products. So if your keyboard or your mouse are of another gaming brand, they are not going to sync up with this system’s headset. Voice command features work, but there are a few commands which are complex, and do require a little bit of game play in order for you to immerse yourself, and truly utilize all of the features when you are playing any game live or with other players you are competing against online.

Although not the priciest headset around, it is quite expensive for a novice or a beginner gamer. So you do have to keep the cost in mind as well if you are considering the purchase of this wireless headset for your gaming enjoyment. The mic is also built on; so you can’t remove it. It does allow you to flip it up, but it can get in the way for those who do not want to use the audio feature to connect with or speak to other gamers when they are playing live game action.

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The Corsair Void do offer a nice set of features for the gamer who wants to immerse themselves into any game play, and compete at the highest level. They do feature the noise cancellation, so you can eliminate clutter or background noise when you are playing. The additional feature allowing for color and wave customization is also a nice design aspect for those who like to distinguish and would like to have a headset that stands apart from others.

Although they are a bit on the pricey side, if you are a fast paced, high octane gamer, and are going to use them frequently, the features do outweigh the price tag. And, it is a good investment if you want something durable, long lasting, and a headset which can work for long ranges and periods of time.

The Corsair Void headset might be the ideal choice for a novice or advanced gamer. For those who enjoy fast play, live action and the ability to communicate at all stages of play, regardless of the competition they are set up against when playing online.