JBL Reflect Contour Wireless Sports Headphones Review

jbl reflect contour design

The JBL Reflect Contour headphones deliver the legendary JBL signature sound. They are equipped with a dual lock technology that includes an over the ear hook, paired with exclusive ergonomic ear-tips for an uninterrupted listening experience. What’s more, the sweat-proof design gives athletes the confidence to take on their workout through rain and sweat.

The headphones are offered in black, red, blue, and teal colors.



The first thing you’ll notice about these earphones is their design, and they don’t look bad. They are obviously built for fitness fanatics who want in-ear headphones that won’t fall off. Even better, the JBL
logo is perfectly placed for the world to see you are wearing headphones. On the right side of the cable, you’ll find a basic three-button layout as well as a USB micro charging port.

Bluetooth connectivity

Fitness fanatics can stream music wirelessly with any Bluetooth enabled device. The headphones support HSP, HFP, AVRCP, and A2DP Bluetooth profiles. Not only that, the Bluetooth has an acceptable range of 30 feet. The 5.8mm dynamic drivers produce high-quality stereo resulting to the most
mesmerizing audio experience. Because of the ability of the drivers to produce sounds quickly, the JBL Reflect Contour excels to nearly all types of music.

These headphones can be used on several devices such as MP3 players, Smartphones, tablets, recorders, and more. To connect, simply go to your Bluetooth menu and look for the requisite device. You should press the power button for about five seconds. Once connected, you’ll get a confirmation sound, and you’re ready to go.

jbl reflect contour in-ear headphones

8-hour battery life

The dual battery design offers up to 8 hours of continuous music during the most demanding workout routines. This will vary depending on how you use them. When powered on, you’ll get voice prompts alerts to let you know whether the charge level is low, medium, or good. The headphones charge via a
micro USB. It means you’ll be charging them once a week if you are into fitness.

It only takes 20 minutes of charging to get an extra hour of battery life. Therefore, you can quickly charge the battery on your way to the gym and then take the charger off when you start the workouts. While there are other models that go beyond the 8-hour mark, this shouldn’t be an issue if you keep keeping your headphones charged. The two lithium polymer batteries are included in the package.

3-button remote with microphone

The built-in microphone allows the user to answer calls with a crystal clear sound. Instead of double tapping the voice button, you just hold down the voice button, and the volume advances. It’s easier to do
so when in motion. Be careful not to double tap the button. It will call the last person you spoke to.

Dual lock technology

The headphones are fitted with an over-the-ear-hook combined with an in-ear-hook. They will not fly out no matter how intense your workout is.

Reflective cables

They provide high visibility during low light, especially at night because fitness goals don’t sleep.

jbl reflect contour buttons


Offer quality sound. The mid frequencies are clear and well-balanced to handle more laid-back sounds. Although the bass is not very powerful, it should be enough for most pop and rock music. The
headphones also cope well with gentle acoustic songs. Remember, you can always make sound adjustments on your phone via an EQ App. If your workout playlists is a non-stop dance marathon, the JBL reflect will offer a more balanced sound.

The molded earbuds are designed to let in ambient music so that you can remain fully aware of the traffic when running The excellent fit offers passive level cancellation which means the music
can be appreciated at many levels.

They are lightweight which make them perfect for extended workout sessions. You won’t notice you are wearing them but will give your ears some relief when you take them off. Plus, the ergonomic ear tips offer a reliable For those who find chest straps uncomfortable, these earphones are the ideal solution.

They are sweat resistant which makes your workout sessions progressive and stress-free. There is a rubber seal over the USB micro charge socket which allows you to sweat without risking the
The headphones are IPX5 rated which is good enough. They can be cleaned with water although full immersion is not recommended.

Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices and can withstand any serious physical stress

Very easy to pair since they don’t need any authentication


It’s difficult to feel the differences on the panel. You can quickly change the track when adjusting the volume. The power, up and down buttons has the same height which makes them feel the same. They are
not easily identifiable without looking at their labels.

They feel uncomfortable when you don’t use the right earbud. When you choose the bulkier ones, you could end up hurting your ears. For starters, the in-ear unit appears to be somewhat large. That
does not mean you’ll not get used to it, but it will take some time. However, if you find the right fit, they will only come out when you need them to.

The headphones don’t come with a carry This makes them inconvenient considering that they are built to be portable. It’s probably not a deal breaker not to have one.

The earphones don’t go into sleep mode after many hours of inactivity. If you don’t turn them off, you’ll lose some battery life.

Bottom line

The JBL Reflect Contour is just another sound masterpiece. The headphones are useful in the gym, on the road, or anywhere else you do your workouts. Besides that, they stay in place allowing you to
move however you want. The sturdy design, Bluetooth technology, and the reflective ear material on the buds make it easy to listen to music hassle-free. Apart from the great sound, there is a slight emphasis on bass. They also have some sporty features like water resistance, secure ear hooks, and a reflective cable.

While they do not do an excellent job of blocking the outside noise, they keep you fully aware of your surroundings. These headphones are lightweight, durable, and have a good secure fit. Of course, the price is very fair compared to other headphones in the segment so they won’t break the bank.