Logitech G533 Gaming Headset Review

logitech g533 design

For the gamers, owning a perfect headset is very important. It helps to enhance the experience of gaming and provide a great thrill while playing. Every gamer wants to own a great gaming headset which can double up their gaming experience. If you are looking for one such headset then you must try out the Logitech G533 Wireless DTS 7.1 headset for gaming. one of the best designed wireless gaming headset which any gamer can dream of. It is a perfect choice to enhance the experience and thrills of the gamers regardless of what game they are playing.  very capable device that product clear and strong sound. It is a perfect gear to enjoy great audio quality. To know more about the features, specifications and other details, read on.


Headsets with great and interesting features are always more preferable. This gaming headset by Logitech has some versatile features. These are:

Advanced Audio Performance: The Pro-G Audio drivers and the DTS 7.1 surround sound technology provide a great audio performance. You will get the best audio clarity because of the hybrid mesh materials used by the drivers. It will help it to deliver amazing sound which is normally experienced in high-end headphones.

Positional Audio: This is another great feature which helps you to adjust or tune the volume levels of all the 7 audio channels. So, you can amplify the game sounds of a particular position like rear channel for hearing what is behind you in the game. This makes the gaming experience a lot more interesting.

Wireless: This G533 headset delivers amazing audio transmission through its wireless features. You will get high fidelity and clarity sound up to 15 meters of range. It is designed in such a way that it eliminate the sound of a noisy environment effectively. It has an efficient wireless signal catching ability than other wireless headsets in this budget.

logitech g533 buttons

Long Battery Life: One of the best features of this headset is its long battery life. Once fully charged, it can last for 15 hours. That is a great battery power and is perfect for a marathon gaming session. You can use it for non-stop 15 hours and then recharge it again.

Microphone with Noise-Cancelling feature: This headset is featured with a powerful noise-cancelling microphone. It provides a crystal-clear voice chat experience so you will not have any problem while communicating via this headset. If you fold the boom up, then it will automatically mute the microphone.

Fine-tune controls: For a great custom sound profile you will be able to us the fine-tune controls. There is volume control roller on the left earcup of this set. It is very easy to reach the roller and adjust the audio settings based on your own needs. You can even play or pause any media from this control.

So, these are the key features of this headset which make it a really powerful as well as popular headset among the gamers. It has all those features and specifications that a professional gamer will want it is headset. The battery life, equalization and customization of the channels and turning off the surrounding sound etc. are some of the great features that high-end headphones have in them. Though a professional headset in performance and functioning, it is very easy to use. Here are some more details about the designs of the headset and the quality of the sound it offers.


The High Performance Design

This headset is designed in such a way that it can increase the performance of the headset drastically. High quality materials and latest manufacturing technologies have made this G533 headset even more durable and light in weight. Thus, it feels comfortable even if you are wearing it for long hours. When you are playing a game for a long period of time, the headset must feel comfortable. Otherwise you will get irritated and this will distract you from focusing or paying attention in the game. The over-the ear design along with lightweight body makes it highly comfortable for you to continue your gaming sessions without feeling uncomfortable. The earcups are also well-sized with a square opening for a perfect fit over the ears. It is also designed with sports mesh ear pads that are breathable and also can be removed for cleaning.

logitech g533 side

Audio Quality

The audio quality of this gaming headset is simply awesome. With software adjusting feature and DTS 7.1 virtual surround sound, this is one of the best headsets with great sound clarity. It provides a crystal clear and balanced sound. You can adjust the sound level of each and every channel for a crispy clear sound quality. You will be able to hear even the lightest and minutest sound while playing the game wearing this headset. The higher notes are also well under control. Though in the default profile, you will find the bass is a bit, you can adjust it to solve the issue efficiently. Both for the gaming performance and for listening to music this G533 Wireless headset is a perfect one.


•  Lightweight and comfortable to wear

•  Notable wireless range

•  15 hours of battery life

•  Great gaming audio experience

•  Customization option

•  Powerful microphone and its features


•  To get more bass you have to tweak the audio settings

•  Lack of professional music clarity

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a great headset for your great gaming experience, then Logitech G533 is the best one for you. This is surely not for the music professionals as it cannot provide professional clarity in terms of music. But for the gaming purpose, adjustment of sound level and clarity is simply amazing. So, if you are thinking whether you should buy this or not, then you must buy this. You will be missing out a great piece of headset if you do not buy this one. So many amazing and versatile features have made this headset one of the most striking and notable one among all the professional gamers around the world.