SteelSeries Arctis 3 Gaming Headset Review

steelseries arctis 3 gaming headset


It’s not a very difficult task, nowadays, to find a gaming headset for you, especially with tons of options available around. However, at the same time, it can also be thought as a demerit because when there are too many options or brands and types of the gaming headsets, it becomes relatively difficult choosing the perfect one. Well, here is another option for you, a gaming headset of the SteelSeries Arctis 3, which comes with a promise of giving a very good performance, along with the design, sound quality, and the microphone, to be a true worth of its cost that is quite reasonable, and many other alluring features.

The Specs

The Arctis 3 is equipped all those features and benefits that an ideal gamer would look for, such as lightweight design, a couple of large cups that are made of soft & comfortable fabric giving a 7.1 surround effect, and the microphone using the ClearCast microphone, which is an exclusive of Steelseries; the microphone will deliver a very high-quality and clear voice comms and they also come with the inbuilt noise cancelling feature. Due to this feature, your friends or fellow gamers will be able to communicate with you with not having to bear the distracting background noise, which makes the games difficult to hear. With every set, you will also get one ski goggle headband, which is designed and made to be comfortable and flexible. The headset is also enabled with one special dial placed on one cup to control volume & one switch that can be used to mute you, whereas on other headsets you will have to do with a third-party app such as Teamspeak or Mumble.

The Box

Everybody appreciates the unboxing experience to be a good one and Arctis 3 definitely has one nice box., you will find one manual with additional aux cables, and many stickers that will help you in customizing the headset. The box is well crafted and feels smooth. you will also get one little card that will tell you about the website of Steelseries and the process of enabling the built-in support for 7.1 surrounds. If one desires to have that feature on the PC, he/she will have to register or sign up on the website. The configuration of the Arctis will also require you to register first through the proprietary app of the Steelseries Engine 3.

steelseries arctis 3 side


Probably the most attractive feature of this headset is its beautiful design. The Arctis 3 used a range of various materials, which give the headset a more consistent aesthetic, with the matte finish on its cups and a plastic headband that gives the headset a sleek appearance. The cup’s cushions are created from the airweave fabric, a new and innovative type of tech, which has been used in high-quality mattresses so far. The material is mostly air-filled that makes them comfortable and very light. Even for a very long time, these are very comfortable. These headsets are bulky, in a pleasant way, and it has a pattern similar like honeycomb and that adds to its more futuristic look. The Arctis 3 is also equipped with one second headband; this is manufactured using the same material as the ski goggles. This material contracts and stretches easily and for that, the Arctis 3 headsets don’t put any pressure on the head.


Since the Arctis 3 headset is marketed towards the gamers, one can expect a microphone. Since such things are usually always before your face; and sometimes carrying the headset in public proves to be a little weird but this is not the case with Arctis 3 headsets. The microphone can be retracted, almost completely, into its left cup and that gives the Arctic headset a look of a non-gaming and regular headset. The arm of the microphone is flexible and bendable. Additionally, the sound of the microphone is clear & with the help of Engine 3 app you can try functions such as noise reduction and noise gating, and tune it according to the environment. The Engine 3 app offers the dynamic range compression as well and that is one feature regularly in radio and music, which normalizes the volume range of the sound. In simpler terms, the microphone sends out the voice at a very consistent volume, reducing loud sounds, and boosting the softer sounds.

steelseries arctis 3 box


For a headset, the sound leaves a lasting impression for its superior sound quality. The Arctis 3 headsets are equipped with the stimulated and enhanced sound of 7.1 surrounds and enabling it with the Engine 3 app will most definitely make these headphones great.


The headset will give you all the reason to choose the headset over the other headsets that are available in the market. After discussing the valiant features of this headset here is a list of the pros of the Arctis 3 headset.

  • Superior Sound Quality.
  • 7.1 Surround Sound Effect.
  • Superior Packing.
  • Superior Performance.
  • Easy Handling and Maintenance.
  • Reasonable Price.


  • Though it there is not much as drawbacks to the Arctis 3 headsets and arguably this is the best headset you can get. There are few points that can be considered as its cons.
  • Need to register to start using.
  • The design lacks personal grip.


The Arctis 3 is one wonderful and beautiful work of technology, which will certainly exceed your expectations on probably every level. Many gamers will agree that a good sound quality automatically enhances and improves the overall gaming experience by many levels. the headset proves easily to be one of the leading headsets because of its very comfortable headset that you have had the opportunity of wearing. The benefit of the proprietary app is also admirable, such as it offers additional options of playing with so that one can get the desired sound and effect. Though the Arctis 3 has very few flaws but it is a great headset nevertheless, which will certainly give you the value for the money spent on it.