Audio Technica ATH-M30X Headphones Review

audio technica ath m30x design


When it comes to searching for the best headphones under $100 that deliver comfort and amazing sound quality, it can be a daunting task and time-consuming. There is a variety of headphones available in the market today with different features hence finding the best headphones that meet your budget and needs,

the ath m30x headphone that even you wouldn’t like to be left behind with its stunning body structure and very simplistic design. It is an advanced set of headphones combining high-quality materials and modern engineering to deliver unique audio performance. This studio monitor headphones are intended for use in the studio mixing, tracking, and even field recording applications. These stunning monitor headphones feature 40-millimeter Neodymium drivers and copper clad aluminum voice coils to provide exhaustive mid-range definition. collapsible design which consents for single –ear monitoring. This Audio Technica’s headphones are ideal for long periods in the studio or even on the go.


ath m30x is entirely black with a silver Audio Technica’s logo appearing on both faces of the ear cups. On the topmost side, if the headband, you will notice the Audio Technica published in white. They are robust enough to an extension that they can withstand a few drops. This means that they are built with high-quality material that lasts long deprived of wearing out. The ear cushions and headbands on the headphones make them comfortable. That includes the soft material that is made from leather.

Headband adjustment

The Audio Technica ath m30x have slightly larger ear cups which encompasses your ears very well. They are not too heavy and do not apply too much pressure on your head. The headband has a metallic support on the inside that is only visible where it attaches to the ear cups. It is very hard for the ear cups and headband to slide once you adjust your headphones. This means that the headphones are discreetly steady and stay in place throughout casual listening lessons.

audio technica ath m30x side

Satisfying Comfort and Excellent Isolation

The ath m30x has good isolation and satisfying comfort, thanks to its large ear cups that guzzles your entire ear. With these headphones, you get the kind of sound isolation that even in noisy surroundings, you tend to experience a severe drop in floor levels of noise. These headphones don’t apply to much pressure on your face to attain proper isolation level. Thus, it is unlikely to experience any pain when wearing them. The ear cups have rich leather material that allows some degree of air circulation. Hence avoiding heat buildup.


They have thick and non-detachable audio cable that runs for 1.5 meters and finishes with a pleasant golden 3.5-millimeter audio jack. You can attach a 6.5-millimeter adapter to screw threads on the jack. The cable is of high quality and doesn’t break quickly.


When it comes to technical specifications, the ath m30x features 40-millimeter great aperture driver with neodymium magnet system. These means that they are responsive even to minor sounds which usually don’t get heard with other inexpensive headphones. well-balanced sound but relatively open sound due to their closed-back design. If you are looking for a booming low-end with a big thump, the bass might not be quite high enough for you. But these headphones have magnificent bass, mid-range performance, and more natural sound. Bass is stressed by around 2dB adding some additional punch and bass to the general sound. The best thing regarding the isolation offered by the ath m30x is a tendency to drive you to submerge in the music which you are hearing. They can block some high-frequency noise with seal quality the ear cups develop around your ears.


You can use these headphones to listen to music or even when watching TV shows or movies on an iPad, iPhone, computer or through the AV receiver.

has 40-millimeter drivers with rare earth magnets and copper-clad aluminium coils wires for a high and robust build. As we have mentioned earlier, the around the ears design is ideal for isolation when you are in a noisy place. These Audio Technica’s studio monitor headphones features a collapsible design perfect for saving space portability. and has weighs only 220 grams.

audio technica ath m30x included


  • Closed-back dynamic
  • 40-millimeter drivers
  • Frequency response of 15000 to 22000 hertz
  • 96dB sensitivity
  • Copper-clad aluminium voice coil wire
  •  47 ohms impedance
  • Weighs around 220 grams
  • 3.0 meters straight cable on left-side exit

In the box

  • Audio Technica ath m30x Pro headphones
  • 1/8-inches to 1/ 4-inches adapter
  • Carrying pouch


  • Inexpensive.
  • The sleek black finish looks great on your head.
  • collapsible hence perfect for traveling and portability.
  • Ideal for uniform frequency distribution.
  • More comfortable and excellent isolation.


  • Don’t swivel.
  • Cable isn’t interchangeable.
  • There is no integrated microphone to make cell phone calls.


you are probably now wondering if it is worth investing. If things like drivers, sensitivity, frequency, and impedance numbers are important, then it is worth investing in cheaper models like Audio Technica ath m30x Pro Studio Monitor Headphones.

These studio monitor headphones provide a comfortable experience which will enable you to wear them for extended periods. They provide abundant passive noise cancellation that disconnects you from your environments when you are submerged in music. With these headphones, you have to worry about distracting other people around you. the ath m30x provide astonishing sound quality with good bass and impressive performance for the price. If you are looking to experience good quality sound without having to spend hundreds of dollars.