Cowin E7 Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones Review

cowin e7 design

Are you a music enthusiast? Most people love great music especially when they’re relaxing. You will agree with me that the best headphone is great for the music. The type and quality of the headphones affect the quality of the music. There are different types of headphones from different brands. These headphones vary in quality and features. According to the latest research and review, COWIN E7 has won the top slot. It is actually the best headphone you can find on the market today. This is a noise cancelling Bluetooth headphone that offers the best service.

This is a wireless headphone that features a hi-fi, comfortable protein earpads and much more that will look below. Below are important features

Noise cancelling technology

Unlike most headphones, these headphones have active noise cancellation technology. It significantly reduces the amount of noise while traveling. This feature quells plane’s cabin noise, busy office, and city traffic and makes you focus on exactly what you want to hear. It gives a great chance of enjoying music, videos and movies. This feature can perfectly work well both in wire or wireless function/mode. If you really want to buy headphones that cancels outside noise and gives you a great opportunity of listening to your preferred songs, this is a perfect choice. They come with a very reasonable price tag and offer a decent value for your money. This headphone is worth buying!

These headphones have 40mm large-aperture drivers

These headphones have deep and very accurate bass response. Noise cancelling technology gives you a crisp, powerful sound and quietness that makes it possible for you to fully enjoy the music. The aim of the company is to sell high quality headphones. These headphones feature in the list of top reviews due to quality, features and performance.


cowin e7 side


NFC Technology and top-quality built-in microphone

Unlike most noise cancelling headphones, COWIN E7 features best quality built-in microphone that is great for hands-free calls. This is very convenient as you have the option to either use wired or wireless option. NFC has been perfectly aided by voice prompts for fast and stable connection with Bluetooth active devices. These features are only found on COWIN E7 headphone; other headphones may have the feature but not as effective as that of these. These noise-canceling headphones are undeniably the best. If you are looking for headphones with powerful and highly convenient built-in microphone
and NFC technology, these are the best choice.

High-quality earpad and 90 degrees swiveling earcups

These features offer comfort while listening to your music. With these headphones, you will enjoy long-lasting comfort. These headphones are durable and have the best skin texture. They are lightweight and very comfortable. These headphones perfectly fits and gives you a great opportunity to enjoy your music. When you’re listening to music using these headphones, you should always take them off after 2-3 hours for your ears to relax. Your ears are very important and listening to music for many hours can ruin your ears and
limit the enjoying intended. It is always good to listen to music with moderation. These headphones offer great comfort and enjoyment.

30 hours playtime

With these headphones, you will enjoy 30 hours after every single charge. These headphones have 600mAh built-in battery. This is enough power that will ensure you keep listening to music for a long period. This means you can enjoy music for 30 hours without necessarily having to recharge. With these headphones, you will not need to worry about power shortage. They can go for up-to 30 hours. If you want to purchase headphones that will not require you to charge after a short period, these are the best. If you are traveling and you’d like to have the best headphones for travel, these are the best available.

These headphones are very impressive; they have excellent bass and amazing high and lows. They are perfectly packaged with a micro USB charger and a 3.5mm plug-in cord. They are sold in a nice looking vinyl pouch. These headphones are extremely easy to pair, and they come with easy to read and understand operating control instructions. All the controls are perfectly placed in the right place. They range is amazing and they have a long battery life. Cowin E7 is highly recommended to those who want to fully enjoy their
favorite music.

cowin e7 included

These headphones look great, they have great sound quality, they have noise canceling function, and they have long battery life and easy controls. They offer the best comfort and ensure you’re not distracted by outside noise. People love these headphones because they’re high-quality, comfortable, very fitting, and excellent look and worth the money. For those who travel a lot, these are the best pair of headphones. They allow you to enjoy your sweet music for a long period without having to charge.


  • Comfort while listening to music due to NFC and noise canceling technology
  • Long battery life. The battery can run for 30 hours without recharge
  • They’re lightweight and very comfortable. You can wear all-day long
  • Advanced Bluetooth and NFC
  • Features 40 mm big speaker drivers for powerful and deep sound for your favorite music
  • 30 hours playtime.
  • Comes with a long audio cable for wired use
  • Ample padding on the ear. Sturdy and well made
  • These headphones can either be used wired or wireless
  • Impressive sound quality.


  • Music controls are unavailable in wired mode
  • USB charging cable

According to the latest reviews by customers, these headphones are undeniably the best available especially if you’re looking for noise canceling Bluetooth headphones. They are great and very affordable. These headphones feature in the list of top-rated headphones. This is because of quality, performance, features, durability and affordability.

These headphones have superior and excellent sound quality. They are quite impressive. The listening experience is quite satisfying. Unlike most noise-canceling headphones, these headphones have impressive and easy controls convenience features and configuration. If you really wanted to buy a great noise canceling headphones, you will agree with me that thorough research is necessary. We have done that research for you. If you purchase these
headphones, I bet you will like them.