JBL Everest Elite 700 NXTGen Bluetooth Headphones Review

jbl everest elite 700 design

JBL has been in the music equipment business for over 70 years now. The founder of the company, James B Lansing, was involved in building loudspeakers long before he even started JBL. The Everest Elite 700 headphones are the newest release from JBL. Packed with features, such as, an extremely customizable sound signature, noise canceling, and a wireless Bluetooth connection, these headphones are beautiful and ergonomically design. They true showcase the company’s years of research and expertise in developing the product. Although the JBL Everest 700 headphones are not good at noise canceling, they make up for that with their excellent sound quality and functionality. Here is a detailed review of the Everest Elite 700 headphones.

First Impressions (Out of the Box)

The headphones come in a glossy silver box with JBL’s orange accents. The external covering slides off easily to showcase a black box beneath with a picture of dancing ravers, below the model number and the log. Opening the lid showcases a darkened compartments with an orange accent within which beautiful silver cans seem to cry out to you, begging to be picked up. The headphones measure 3 inches by 6.9 inches by 6.6 inches and only weighs 10.7 oz and can easily be folded into the included fabric carry case.

The box also comes with accessories, which include user’s guide, micro USB charging cable, and a gray headphone cable. There are instructions for downloading the headphones Application online. The box is well padded both at the top and bottom, making it travel-worry free if you opt to carry it in your suitcase or backpack.


The Everest 700 Elite model is beautifully designed and very comfortable. The JBL logos on the headband and earpieces look great. The headphones are controlled through well-hidden, but easily accessible buttons in the rear of the right and left ear cups. The noise cancellations and power controls are found on the right side while the volume, multi-function controls (play, pause and skip), audio ports and charging are found on the left side. The right and left stereo indicators are embossed on the black filters in the ear-cups for an enhanced orientation.

jbl everest elite 700 side

The ears pads are clad with leather and are tapered to be a little larger at the bottom than the top to allow for a strong, comfortable seal that provides maximum noise cancellation. The ear cups are very comfortable, but their upper band has only a small amount of rubber padding, making them easy to wear on your head after a long listening session. You can easily adjust the size of the headphones using the sliding metal bands on either side, to make them more solid and hold their positions attractively. Overall, these Bluetooth headphones are well made.

Top Features of the Everest 700 Elite model Headphones


Noise canceling technology is not new, the JBL Everest 700 headphones bring together this aspect with an awareness setting that enables the user to control how much noise they can handle from outside. The user can adjust the control so that there is no outside noise or allow a certain amount of noise inside. The JBL ANC feature is quite effective against loud noises, sounds from lawnmowers, rattling dishwashers or vacuum cleaner. The cans also boast a TruNote Auto Sound Calibration that analyzes sound environment for the individual ears of every listener and accordingly adjusts the sound. This is only possible if you have downloaded the app and it only takes a couple of seconds.

Ear Cups

Another feature that makes the 700 Elite headphones stand out is the ergonomic, cushioned cups that are made to envelop your ears so that no sound gets in or out. This allows you to keep the volume at a very comfortable level without disturbing others near you. The ear cups are made in such a way that they cause very little sweating and are comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Phone Calls

You can use the 700 Elite headphones to initiate and answer phone calls by just pressing the Play Button. Another pro for these Bluetooth headphones is that you will not hear any echo while making calls. The sound quality is impressive, and the microphone too is quite effective in putting off those annoying sounds.

jbl everest elite 700 folded

JBL Pro Audio

The 700 Elite headphones seem to be specially made for the audiophile market. The JBL Pro Audio has good smooth high quality sound with strong fidelity in low, middle and high ranges and a superb clarity. The bass feels well balanced and it isn’t overly assertive while the high-end is super clear, in fact, you can mistake it for the externalsound. Additionally, you can easily separate individual instruments using the lower bandwidth infrared sets. This is quite an amazing feature.


The 700 Elite headphones are made to be used wireless headphones connected to a Smartphone or any other device via Bluetooth. However, they can be connected using an audio cable, which is vital for air travels. The Bluetooth connectivity is very stable even if you
do not have your Smartphone in your pockets. The headphones have a buffer that helps to avoid skips of the phone is having momentary issues of its own. The only problem comes in if you are wearing the headphones near a WiFi router that is usually. This causes the headphones to produce some minor crackling sounds.

The App

You do not have to pay anything to get the headphones App. It is available both in Android and iOS. The headphones can work without this app, but when installed on a paired device, it gives the user more control over the headphones and ability to customize settings. If you have installed the app, you can turn the awareness and ANC feature on and off or set one of the three different levels. The app gives additional features, such as an equalizer with pre-loaded presets (Bass and Jazz) and ability to customize different settings.

Final Verdict

The JBL Everest 700 Elite Headphones are solid wireless headphones with all the features you need in a Bluetooth headphone. The headphones are well-built and are supplied in a nicely-padded soft case. If well taken care of, they should last a lifetime. They are an ideal option for those looking for good looking Bluetooth headphones with highly adjustable listening options.